* Clone dialog updated to create multiple object copies.
* Box can be transparent in 3d.
* New tags for labels: area of all floors, area of objects having specified tag.
* Show room name dialog automatically after adding a room - configurable in "Default room label" in the settings.
* Polish translation added.
* Bugs fixed.

* Configurable color grouping for grouped objects added.
* Doors & windows included in CSV export.
* Box and triangle slope can be negative now.
* Bugs fixed.

* Bugs fixed.

* Updated to Android 13.
* Bugs fixed.

* Kitchen cabinet configurable: drawers or doors.
* Text align for multi-line labels added.
* Label background color can be modified now.
* Manual selection of Bluetooth protocol added.
* Outdoor shade object added.
* Position of middle vertex of triangle object can be adjusted now.

* Automatic conversion between lower and upper kitchen cabinets can be turned off.
* Improved zoom precision in 3d.
* Faster cloud synchronization.
* Auto-number can count across multiple floors now.
* New objects: coat hangers, shelf.
* Group by tag added.
* Bugs fixed.

* New objects: woman, palm tree.
* Area multiplier for room added.
* Box border can be hidden.
* Multiplier for Bluetooth measurements added.
* Dimension line length can be displayed using two unit systems.
* Bugs fixed.

* Added support for new Bosch bluetooth laser meters.
* Two new styles for bathroom radiator.
* Implemented keyboard navigation in 3d mode.
* Android 12 support.
* Bugs fixed.

* Shape adjustment implemented for fireplace object.
* Objects are now included in CSV report.
* Added more paper sizes.
* Fixed raised floor regressions.
* Support for UNI-T LM40B laser meter added.
* Added tricycle, bathroom brush, bathroom radiator, living chair.
* Bugs fixed.

* Raised floor for room implemented.
* Added support for Leica X3, X4 and Ada Cosmo 120 laser meters.
* There can be multiple sets of auto-number objects.
* Text labels can calculate total length of symbols having specified tag.
* You can use <count> and <length> inside <formula> tag.
* You can set unit for variable in <formula> tag.
* New objects: computer, visibility range, water dispenser.
* Bugs fixed.

* Buttons for active element moved to a separate toolbar.
* Shortcut toolbar buttons can be enabled in the settings.
* Bugs fixed.

* Bluetooth laser meters support in the web version.
* New objects: coat rack, pergola, kettle, under desk cabinet, desk lamp.
* Order of auto-number objects can be adjusted.
* Text labels can show vertical position of objects, rooms and calculate gross level perimeter.
* It is possible to change color of each face of the box object separately now.
* Added gross level perimeter calculation to text label.
* Checkbox for wall added to exclude it from detection on dimension lines.
* Bugs fixed.

* New objects: storage rack, office monitor, flower pot, clock, swing chair.
* Slope for interior walls added.
* Bugs fixed.

* Formula tag (user defined expression) added for text labels.
* Doors can be half open in 2d.
* Amount of handles for corner cabinet is configurable.
* CSV report export added.
* Window sill depth is configurable.
* Dimension lines can snap to building outline now.
* Remote measure for Bosch GLM 120c implemented.
* Added billiard table, wall-hung toilet.
* Bugs fixed.

* Set colors of grouped objects without ungrouping.
* Color copy function tries to match source and destination objects in groups.
* Color copy can copy colors of a selected object to all similar objects on a plan.
* Implemented mirror for background images.
* Support for Bosch GLM 50-27 laser meter added.
* Added dryer, corner cabinet.
* New 3d model for water heater.
* Bugs fixed.

* Sink battery can be hidden.
* Bottom handle position for window added.
* Numbered circle sequence start configurable.
* Added stereo and speaker models.
* Bugs fixed.

* Changing height of grouped stairs makes riser height consistent across the entire staircase.
* Application tries to avoid breaking join when typing width and length of joined stairs.
* Enabled hardware acceleration in 2d for Android 9 and newer.
* Fixed background image transparency bug on some Android 11 devices.
* Support for Mileseey M120 laser distance meter.
* Better 3d models for microwave, dishwasher and bidet.
* Bed 2d model updated to be consistent with 3d model.
* Added checkbox for Balcony to control if it is included in floor area calculation.

* Undo/redo bug fixed.
* Added ladder, motorbike, corner and rectangular handbasins.
* New 3d model for air conditioner.
* Note field for interior wall added.
* Bugs fixed.

* Numbered circle fixes.
* New symbols: pickup, coffee machine, mirror, bidet shower.
* French style folding door added.

* Added kitchen hood, jacuzzi, toilet paper, shower system, auto-numbered circle,
  man, printer, chair, pillow, armchair, plant, SUV.
* Battery for kitchen sink added.
* Remember recently used wall colors and apply them to new rooms.
* 3d controls improved.
* Cylinder symbol improvements: transparency, configurable openings.
* Window outside sill and handle configurable.
* Sofa armrest can be removed.
* Bugs fixed.

* Bosch GLM 120c support added.
* Feet unit added.
* Sofa armrest width can be modified.
* Better 3d models for sofa, radiator, TV.
* New objects: trees, tall grass, car, office, sphere, battery for handbasin, beds.
* Added slope for triangle object.
* Format painter added to copy color and font size between elements.

* Level doors/windows area calculation added.
* Fixed problems with sharing to some applications.
* Bugs fixed.

* Fixed bug with stairs railing height.
* Edit button moved to top panel for quick access.
* Vertical position of top and bottom of a symbol can be defined.
* Added a few symbols.
* Bugs fixed.

* Copy/paste for levels implemented.
* Horizontal cylinder object added.
* Curve object added.
* Few other symbols added.
* Railings for stairs added.
* More text colors.
* Support for UNI-T LM 80D laser meter.
* Fixed cloud connection problems on devices with Android 5 and older.
* Cloning interior walls to other floors implemented.
* Label can calculate area of room doors, windows and walls without openings.
* Bugs fixed.

* Vertical offset added in level edit dialog.
* Laser meter notification sound can be selected in settings.
* Fixed toolbar issues on Chromebooks.
* Added transparency setting for Box.
* Improved opening symbol 3d rendering on interior walls.
* Bugs fixed.

* Area selection is available when grouping symbols.
* Slope for box can be defined in Edit dialog.
* Ellipse void added.
* Visibility of user dimension lines added in the settings.
* Snap dimension lines to objects added.
* Bugs fixed.

* Remote trigger for some laser distance meters (click bluetooth icon in length input dialog).
* Configurable auto-close input dialog after laser measurement.
* Double arrow added.
* Wall color inside opening can be set in its Edit dialog.
* Arch for opening can be enabled in Edit dialog.
* Recently used value of stairs visibility on upper floor applied for new stairs.
* Snap implemented for text labels.
* Search symbols by tag name added in Tools.
* Bugs fixed.

* Added ANSI and Arch paper sizes.
* New function to add dimension lines to all room walls.
* Move, rotate and mirror whole level added to Levels menu.
* Wall fill color configurable in project settings.
* Fixed small rendering issues with dimension lines.
* Support added for Hersch LEM 50 laser distance meter.
* Bugs fixed.

* Support for Hilti PD-I bluetooth laser distance meter.
* Improved project search on the list of projects view.
* Calculator regression for metric units fixed.
* Colors of doors can be modified in door edit dialog.
* Tag and note fields added to doors and windows.
* Door and window counting implemented for labels.
* Refreshed user interface in plan editor.
* Bugs fixed.

* North arrow can be moved and resized now.
* Bugs fixed.

* Wavefront obj 3d export added.
* Additional precision for length display configurable in settings (1/16 ich, 0.1cm)
* Wall rotation lock was not saved correctly.
* Smoother movement in 3d.
* More snap angles for interior walls.
* Added experimental support for Mileseey D5T, P7, T7 and Suaoki P7 bluetooth laser distance meters.
* Stairs visibility on upper floor configurable.
* User library symbol name displayed when symbol is selected on a plan.
* Custom symbol name can be set in Edit dialog.
* Bugs fixed.

* Lowered ceiling added.
* Exterior walls color and ceiling color can be modified in 3d.
* Configurable width offset for measuring doors with laser meter added.
* Curtain and drawers symbols added.
* Length and rotation of interior wall can be locked separately.
* Color of grouped symbols can be modified.
* Show stairs ceiling opening on the floor above.
* New icon.
* Bugs fixed.

* Annotation lines can be thinner now.
* Dash pattern scale added for annotation lines.
* Total level perimeter and wall area calculation implemented for labels.
* Bugs fixed.

* Center column of circular staircase can be removed.
* Snap to grid implemented.
* Bluetooth connection issues fixed.
* Typing length and locking implemented for annotation lines.
* Style of PDF improved.
* Bugs fixed.

* French door style available for sliding door.
* Bugs fixed.

* File selection dialog for importing projects added.
* User library implemented.
* Simplified in-app purchases (Free, Basic, Full version).
* Bugs fixed.

* Grid implemented.
* Sliding door can be rendered as closed in 3d.
* Help document updated.
* Bugs fixed.

* Gross level area calculation for labels implemented.
* Ceiling thickness can be modified.
* Added setting for door to render it as closed in 3d.
* Fixed error during PDF export.
* Angle between walls can be set.
* Copy/paste implemented for labels, symbols and rooms.
* Fireplace, triangle, single door cabinet and closet added.
* Room subtraction during moving can be disabled in settings.
* Bugs fixed.

* Bookcase (shelves) added.
* Labels can be rotated now.
* Labels in DXF were too big.
* Automatic wall locking fixes.

* Wall length locked automatically after typing (can be disabled in settings).
* Automatic dimension lines around projects configurable.
* PDF and printing improvements.
* Level name placeholder for labels added.
* Bugs fixed.

* Import background from other installed apps (Dropbox, Drive)
* SVG issues fixed.
* Bugs fixed.

* Background image can be also imported directly from camera app.
* Fractional inches added.
* It is now possible to move walls from multiple rooms together.
* You can partially move one room over another.
* Project title and current date placeholders added in labels.

* Clone symbol to other level implemented.
* SVG export issue fixed.
* Symbol snapping improved.

* PDF export issues fixed.
* US paper sizes for PDF export added.
* Transparency of background image on screen can be adjusted.
* Floor void implemented.
* Circular staircase ceiling opening bug fixed.
* Improved performance of undo/redo.
* Improved calculation of room width and height.
* Improved wall resizing.
* Room rotation improved.
* Reset view in 3d implemented.
* Bugs fixed.

* Better door edge detection for dimension lines.
* Smaller handbasin.
* Double sink added.
* French door implemented.

* Keyboard input improved.
* Radius of circular stairs can be adjusted.
* Display angle during symbol and room rotation.
* Bluetooth measurement automatically applied to wall length.
* Door dimension line layout configurable in application settings.
* Snap door to the middle of the wall.
* Bugs fixed.

* Horizontal railing style implemented.
* Color copy in 2d implemented.
* Corner angle displayed when dragging a corner.
* Show up to two decimal places for metric area.
* Settings: wall thickness can be ignored in model dimensions.
* Bugs fixed.

* Improved resizing of small symbols.
* Railing object implemented.
* Cloud storage bug fixed.
* Automatically apply last height/vertical position while creating new doors and windows.
* New tool to delete all symbols from a level.
* Label cloning implemented.
* Automatically increase color saturation in color picker to see hue change.
* Bugfixes.

* Color picker fixes.

* Readonly mode implemented in 3d.
* Bugfixes.

* Thickness of each individual room wall can be set.
* Interior wall color can be modified in 3d view.
* New color picker.
* Corner shower, urinal and pocket doors added.
* Better mouse support in 3d view.
* More paper sizes for PDF export.
* Rendering speed improvements.
* Lower level outline can be exported.
* Bugs fixed.

* Circular stairs 3d crash fixed.
* Room mirror implemented.
* Mirror for grouped shapes implemented.
* Image export in 3d view.
* Performance optimizations.

* Mirror for sliding door fixed.
* Circular stairs implemented.
* Fixed crash in collision resolved for cloud storage.
* Find farthest symbol in Tools tab added to locate incorrectly placed symbols.

* Lower cabinet added.
* Configurable visibility of window sill in 3D.
* 3D rendering fixes.

* Stairs with winders and landing implemented.
* Stairs joining to create L and U shaped shaircases.
* It is possible to enforce exact tread depth when resizing stairs.
* Door and window cloning implemented.
* Symbol edge snap during resize.
* Wall snap to stairs object.
* Interior wall height can be different from level height.
* More resolutions for image export.
* Stove with dynamic amount of burners implemented.
* Window sills added in 3D.
* Box and cylinder shapes added.
* Fixed disappearing dimension labels in PDF.

* Wall area calculation implemented.
* Oval rug implemented.
* Bugs fixed.

* Alpha version of 3d tour view.
* Tags for symbols; label can show count of symbols having specific tag set.
* Local prices of all in-app purchases displayed in the Help system.
* Tread width for stairs symbol editable.
* Bugs fixed.

* Readonly flag for project implemented.
* Note for room and symbol implemented.

* Regressions fixed.

* Printing and PDF export available on Android 4.4 devices and newer.
* Tap dimension text of selected door/window to set its position from the keyboard.
* Width / height buttons for rectangular rooms with four walls.
* Roller door implemented.
* Position of cloned symbol should not be locked.
* Mirror for sliding door is available now.
* Bluetooth connection is preserved until you quit the application.
* Laser distance meter can be used in Settings and Edit dialogs.
* Bugs fixed.

* Project list sorting implemented.
* Vertical position of symbols can be modified.
* Calculator keyboard input in settings.
* Room area can be excluded from total area.
* Default label for new rooms can be defined in settings.
* Clone room to other level implemented.
* Added missing view header in settings.
* Added asymmetric bathtub symbol.
* View displacement during drag is configurable now.
* CEM iLDM-150 laser distance meter support added.
* Bosch PLR laser distance meters support added.
* Android 6 runtime permissions supported.
* Bugs fixed.

* Performance optimizations.
* DXF export supports imperial units now.
* Delete wall implemented (opening insertion).
* Bugs fixed.

* Performance optimizations.
* Bug fixes.

* DXF regression fixed.
* Label color can be modified.
* Dimension text color can be modified.
* Level area can be displayed on a label.
* Remember rotation of background image after loading a project.
* Fixed undo/redo issues.
* Improved text rendering in SVG.
* Bugs fixed.

* Support for Bosch GLM laser distance meters.
* Export as JPEG added.
* Corrected default width for new doors and windows.
* Resize doors and windows when moving to fit available space.

* Frame of the label was disappearing after saving.

* Fixed crash during dimension line resizing.

* It is possible to define diagonal distances with dimension lines - corner is moved when length of a wall is locked (
* Improved interior wall snapping.
* Position of interior wall can be locked.
* Background image can be exported (enabled in Settings).
* Mirror implemented for some symbols.
* DXF output should be compatible with BricsCad now.
* Recent door/window width is remembered and applied when creating new symbols.
* Bugs fixed.

* Snap offset for walls configurable in project settings.
* Improved precision of room moving.
* Bugs fixed.

* Fixed crash when dragging dimension point with a stylus.
* Fixed issue with door creation.
* North arrow exported to DXF.

* Background image:

* Cookies consent for EU users.

* Fixed crash during bluetooth device scanning.
* Other small bugfixes.

* Project importing fixed - FPC should no longer register for files other than .fpc

* Project search box for implemented.
* Project importing improved.
* Fixed crash in dimension line drawing.

* Connect bluetooth laser meter without pairing.
* Fixed crash during symbol grouping.

* User defined dimension lines:
* Performance optimizations.
* E-mail sharing and importing of projects.
* Width, height of room can be shown in a label.
* North arrow can be disabled in application settings.
* Better compatibility with AutoCad.
* Font height of automatic level dimensions can be adjusted.
* Interior wall cloning added.

* Unit system can be also selected in length input dialog.
* Length in inches implemented.
* Improved DXF compatibility with AutoCad.
* Length of interior wall can be typed and locked.
* Bugs fixed.

* Fixed crash on Gingerbread devices.
* Door position can be locked now.
* Documentation about in-app purchases added.

* Level cloning implemented.
* DXF: improved AutoCad compatibilty when using accented chars.
* Fixed broken sharing in Gmail 5.0
* Removed incorrect rendering artifacts.
* Rectangular rug implemented.
* Kitchen cabinets can be moved up and down.
* Other bugs fixed.

* Performance optimizations.
* Problems with opening projects fixed.

* Fixed crash during export.

* Show room area and perimeter in labels.
* Use previous room color when sketching new room.
* Kitchen and Bathroom category for symbols added.
* Corner table added.
* Stability improvements.

* Fixed crash when changing level name.
* Jacuzzi added.

* Symbol toolbar hiding when typing lengths.
* Locking wall length was broken.

* Keep screen on while measuring room with laser meter.
* Crash fixed.

* Use last interior wall thickness for new walls.
* Crash fixed.

* It is possible to lock edge position now.
* Increased max size of some symbols.
* Fixed crashing for some users.

* Fixed crash during opening bluetooth settings on some devices.
* Symbols can be snapped to walls and similar symbols.

* Leica disto bluetooth laser meter support added (
* New symbol added.
* USB mouse support fixed.
* Bugs fixed.

* Fixed selection of groupped symbols.
* Other bugs fixed.

* Selection accuracy improved.
* Keyboard input implemented.
* Use last color during room and annotation line creation.
* Use last thickness during annotation line creation.
* Arrows in annotation category added.
* Wall opening line style can be modified: solid, dashed or none.
* Annotation lines can be snapped to walls.

* Sliding hung doors added.
* Folding doors added.
* TV was sometimes drawn below a table.
* Few new kitchen symbols.
* Last wall thickness modification is used as a default thickness for new plans.
* Stability improvements.

* Regression fixed.

* Door, window creation moved to the symbol toolbar.
* New door types: garage, double, sliding.
* It is easier to draw straight interior walls now.
* Bigger labels possible.
* Stability improvements.

* Annotate plans with lines (solid, dotted and dashed).
* Max bed size increased.
* Exported image size increased.
* SVG label font size can be adjusted.

* Saved images should be immediately visible in Gallery.
* Structure creation items moved to symbol list.
* A couple of new electrical symbols.
* Smaller bed should be possible now.

* Copy colors between symbols and rooms (Color picker icon).
* Fixed location of labels on grouped symbols during rotation.
* Fixed symbol position locking.
* Snap to 30° and 60° for easier bay windows.

* Stability improvements.
* Automatically select interior wall after drawing.

* Fixed text with symbols in SVG export.
* Fixed DXF label centering.
* More symbols (fan, radiator, electrical symbols).
* Use less memory.

* Added possibility to hide symbols and furniture.
* Added fire inspection symbols.

* Fixed broken TV symbol.
* Captured room was not selected automatically.
* Reset zoom after new room.

* Fixed regression in room cloning.
* Autosave during edition implemented.
* Fixed refresh problem during collision resolving.
* Switched to Holo light.

* Fixed regression in capture calibration.

* Symbol grouping implemented.
* Label can be locked to a symbol to make symbol selection and moving easier.
* Handle low memory error during export.
* Fixed cloning furniture with labels attached.
* Size of electrical symbols was saved incorrectly.
* Bug fixes.

* Storing plan as image, dxf, svg in device memory implemented.

* Fixed crash during export.

* Drag and drop to add new symbols.
* Few new symbols (tv, electrical - more to come).
* Rotate/resize actions disabled when zoom too small - it's easier to move small symbols now.
* User defined labels that can be assigned to a room and symbol.
* New unit systems: imperial fractional, meters.
* SVG export.
* List showing all IAP items.

* Higher resolution of exported images.
* Possibility to define font size in application settings.
* Multi-window support on Samsung Galaxy devices.

* Room cloning implemented.
* Selecting internal walls should be easier now.